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‘You are staying home’ English fans and media haven’t forgotten what Bonucci did after Euro 2020

Leonardo Bonucci didn’t play against North Macedonia last night but has been targeted by several English fans and journalists who have not forgotten what the defender did after Italy beat England in the Euro 2020 Final.

The Juventus defender is recovering from a calf injury so he was not available against North Macedonia last night. He was visibly disappointed when he left the pitch at the end of the match, knowing that he may not play a World Cup again in his career.

Italy out of the World Cup – live reactions: how did it happen again?

He has been targeted by many English fans and journalists on social media who have not forgotten what the veteran defender did and said following Italy’s victory in the Euro 2020 Final against England at Wembley Stadium.

Bonucci had taunted the English several times signing ‘it’s coming Rome’ or shouting at Chiellini that the Three Lions had to eat ‘a lot of pasta’ before reaching Italy’s level, suggesting that they were not experienced enough.

Bonucci continues to troll England

Well, social media don’t forget and English fans are now getting their revenge on the Italian centre-back.

Check out the best reactions and memes below:

“It’s coming Rome” shouted @bonucci_leo19 after the Euros Final. Not going Qatar though, is it mate? See ya 👋

— Johnny Neal’s Blue & White Army ⭐️⭐️ (@neal_army) March 24, 2022

I want Bonucci to recreate this selfie through the TV whilst he’s sitting in his living room and Maguire is at the World Cup 🥰

— Ben Linihan (@BenLinihan) March 24, 2022

Football karma Mr Bonucci!!!

— TimHarmer (@TimHarmer10) March 24, 2022

Bonucci, who is going to the World Cup?

— Callum Castel-Nuovo (@callumcasteln) March 24, 2022

Does anyone else still Remember? Bonucci had said: “It won’t be easy for Ronaldo to face Italy” I’m crying 😢 😂…


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