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Today’s Papers – Milan head over heels, Inter can overtake

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Today’s Papers – Milan head over heels, Inter can overtake

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Milan head over heels

Surprise in Salerno, draw for the leaders against the bottom club

Messias opens, Maignan flop and at the end Rebic avoids a KO (2-2)

Pioli: ‘So many errors, I am disappointed’

Inter indicate

Tonight at San Siro against Sassuolo, Lautaro-Sanchez to overtake

Inzaghi studies Scamacca and Frattesi

Roma saved by the babies

Mou’s special rage

Coach mimes a telephone to Pairetto: red card

Volpato and Bove on target: from 0-2 to 2-2 with Verona

Samp, Quagliarella hits 100

Atalanta in NBA style: ‘Stronger this way’

Percassi turning point

USA investors enter the club

Steve Pagliuca: ‘The values of my Boston Celtics’

Allegri, is that it?

Juve don’t lose, but they are -8 from Pirlo’s tally and Vlahovic is struggling

Bremer is the Toro wall, he has numbers like Europe’s top defenders

Conte masterpiece, he stops Pep with Kulusevski and the Premier League is open again

Super Kane: City 2-3 Tottenham at the 96th

Corriere dello Sport

Diavolo hit the brakes

Leaders only recover at the end after going in front

Milan draw in Salerno: today Inter with Sassuolo for the overtake

Roma, Mourinho’s babies seal the comeback: 2-2 with Verona

Messias illusion, then Granata one-two with Bonazzoli and Djuric

Rebic for 2-2 doesn’t satisfy Pioli: ‘Too frenetic and not sharp’

Napoli against Cagliari tomorrow

Conte to go crazy for, what a lesson to Pep

Tottenham beat City 3-2: Kane decides, but the man of the match is Kulusevski

Now Liverpool are closer: minus six

Pepito Rossi, marvel in the Maradona style



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