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Today’s Papers – Carnevali opens Sassuolo safe, Roma nightmare

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Today’s Papers – Carnevali opens Sassuolo safe, Roma nightmare

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Carnevali opens the Sassuolo safe

Here’s who wants my jewels

‘Juve asked me for Raspadori, Inter are closer to Scamacca, Berardi would be ideal for Milan, Napoli knocking at the door for Traore’

Speedy Milan

High-speed against Toro, head-to-head between Singo and Theo

Rossoneri face Juric test

Benitez gives the OK: ‘This is partly my Napoli, they can do it’

Inter fired up

Inzaghi bets it all on Correa

Calha has to help Dzeko

Nerazzurri without Lautaro

Super sprint, four gurus predict how it will end

Muriel spark and goosebumps, Atalanta go

Europa League quarter-final: first leg in Germany, good result for Gasperini (1-1)

First they dominate and strike, Musso saves a penalty, then Leipzig equalise

Mourinho, here we go again

Bodo are cursed: Roma throw it away

Conference League quarter-final

Rap, the fighter friends and Benzema’s 9 secrets

The Real striker continues to impress

Corriere dello Sport

Capello exclusive: ‘Give us back Italian-style football’

Spanish sides stole our idea, Don Fabio won’t stand for it

‘We continue to copy Guardiola from 15 years ago’

‘We are helping the other teams to beat us, the right model to follow is German’

Then he advises Zaniolo and Vlahovic

‘Dybala needs to be blessed, and he should face Juve’

Roma, what gifts

Dea draw

Conference League, Mou KO in Bodo (2-1)

Europa League, Gasp gets a 1-1 in Leipzig

Pellegrini goal, then two serious errors

Second leg on Thursday

New Financial Fair Play

Salary cap: ok from UEFA to reduced costs

Wages cannot go over 70% of…


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