These are the names to save the richest club in the world

These are the names to save the richest club in the world

They’re slowly packing up a team for a rough spring.

Newcastle will intensify over the winter, there is no doubt Eddie Howe will get a few players eager to save the club in the second half of the season. Today’s game against Everton has been postponed, the club are in a difficult situation, they are second to last with the same number of points as Burnley, but Sean Dyche’s team have four fewer matches, Watford who are first above the line have two points more and two games less.

One thing is clear, the Magpies will have to win the series to get out of the drop zone, with this titma, with all due respect to Howe that’s not possible.

The solution is the purchase, with Juventus agreeing a loan from Ramsey with a buyout, the Welshman is due to return to pl next week, and the transfer of centralback Rodon from Tottenham appears to be at the door. That’s not enough, the club needs four or five quality players, the Saudis will try to offer money and buy one of the footballers whose contract expires in the summer, like Kamara from Marseille, but he is aiming for a transfer to a bigger club.

As for Kurzawa, PSG are willing to sell him six months before his contract expires, but so does Moyes and West Ham. Samuel Umtiti is a simpler target, Barça would let him go for free just to get rid of him, but the media warns he hasn’t played in a long time, Howe needs people who can help immediately. He would love Coutinho, but the Brazilian wants to go to Arsenal. Most players appear to be avoiding the north of England due to the real danger of playing in Champions League next year.

Such is Isco, for example, who wants to leave Real to increase his chances of going to the World Cup, Newcastle would finance his huge salary, but the Andalusian fears playing in another league would ruin his chances.

The icing on the cake could be Gabriel Barbosa. If he agrees, the Brazilian goal-scoring machine could reportedly become one of the most paid players in the league. And that’s a risk, it’s known how he fared in his first stay in Europe, but now he’s more mature, he’s got a terrible season behind him in the Copa Libertadores, he scored 29 goals the previous season.

It costs around 20 million euros, he could make it to St James’ Park, but he’s reportedly looking for a clause in his contract to be available, if the club falls out of pl. Howe would welcome him with open arms, Callum Wilson is injured, and the Magpies’ biggest concern is certainly inefficiency, they only score per game…

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