There’s a strike coming up in the Premier League?

There's a strike coming up in the Premier League?

The situation is getting worse.

Premier League leaders held a meeting on Thursday with managers, captains and more influential players from all clubs to decide further steps in an increasingly difficult time for teams.

The balloon is close to bursting, frustration can no longer be hidden. The players are revolted, the coaches too. The Premier League wants to produce as many matches as possible at all costs, but new problems with the coronavirus, and shortened rotations during a period when matches are practically played every two or three days make that impossible.

A number of matches are being postponed, for the coming weekend it is clear they will not be playing at Liverpool, where Leeds were due to play on Sunday, as well as Watford, who were due to arrive at Wolverhampton.

There are more and more infected or at least players who are suspected of having coronavirus and need to be in isolation. Managers have spoken out, Pep Guardiola believes the players could conspire against the Premier League and mention a possible strike, noting that he believes this will not happen, while footballers think they have been put in an impossible position due to the aforementioned shortened rotations in a tight schedule.

Managers are compliant in one and want to clarify – if one match is cancelled, everyone has to. They want everyone to have equal treatment at these moments, even though someone has bigger and less problems.

Also, coaches want to return to the possibility of five changes in this period, which remains the rule in the other strongest European leagues, but not in England.

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