The Secret of Maradona’s villa

The Secret of Maradonna's villa

It’s the year since the departure of the greatest footballer of all time, Diego Armando Maradona, and the family and numerous fans still don’t know the exact cause of death.

Meanwhile, the costs are slowly exceeding the finances of Pibe’s family. As a result, Judge Luciana Tedesco ordered an auction offering a villa the famous footballer had donated to his parents, as well as items from it that might interest collectors.

Since her parents’ death, the mansion has been used by Maradona’s sisters, but only for family gatherings such as birthdays and anniversaries. The last holiday celebrated here was Easter 2021, after which the villa was “sealed off” because the court had decided to enter into a inheritance hearing.

In 2014, Villa announced that they would be reusing the 2015 world’s almost destroyed in the fire, and the most valuable thing that didn’t survive that disaster was the honorary “Golden Ball” of French Football, which Maradona won in 1995. In 2013, as compensation was awarded only to players from Europe.

Pibe contacted people in a French magazine a few days before his death when he asked them to make him a new one, and he would give them an interview in return. The answer was not met.

Another notable thing about Maradona’s career – at the entrance to the villa was the chapel most cared for by old Don Diego, which contained a statue of the Virgin Mary that accompanied his son during his stay in Naples. Since the day the villa was sealed, the virgin has disappeared from the chapel. It remains unclear whether the statue suffered the fate of the Golden Ball, whether it may have been stolen, or whether Diego’s sisters removed it and thus saved it from this auction and the likely move to a museum.

The “Devoto” villa, like all other items on offer from the auction, was expected to be sold in three hours last Monday, but instead of the expected $1.5 million, the family sold “memorabilia” worth about $26,000.

The starting price for the villa was 900,000, but no one offered that amount. Neither were the BMW cars, which were valued at 380,000 and Hyundai’s 39,000, respectively, but neither was the two-bedroom apartment in Mar del Plata, valued at 65,000.

The most money was given to the painting “Between Fiorentina and heaven,” in which Pibe is shown dressed in a toga in the colors of the Argentine flag. He holds an olive branch in his hand, and two doves fly around him, which also has olive branches in his beaks. This artwork sold for $2,150

Photo Cuba’s former president and revolutionary Fidel Castro reached $1,600.

The Napoli jersey reached a price of $1,500, out of an initial $300, and an Argentine national team jersey with “Diego” written on its back was taken for $1,300. 

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