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Liquidity index could cause havoc in Serie A this summer

FIGC President Gabriele Gravina confirms from next season the ‘liquidity index’ will decide whether clubs can register for Serie A or B, which could cause huge problems for clubs like Lazio.

Until now, clubs have had to prove their financial stability before registering for the new season, which has seen several sides go bankrupt when they were unable to do that.

Among the most recent big clubs to go under at this stage were Chievo Verona and Parma.

The rules will change from next term, with the liquidity index used instead as a way of testing financial stability.

“The liquidity index is just a reference point to check you, in the short-term, is able to guarantee the company can continue operations and face the full season,” said FIGC President Gravina.

“Having agreed that, we will continue to discuss the determination of the co-efficient and the parameters.”

Lazio had huge problems with the liquidity index over the summer, which prevented them from signing any new players until others had first been sold.

This saw them even have some players training with the club for weeks without a contract deposited.

Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri, a former banker, famously complained he had “no idea what this thing even is.”

Rather than the previous rules imposed by the COVISOC for financial stability, the liquidity index measures the cash-flow status of a club and its ability to quickly get money to pay for outstanding bills.

This means a club heavily in debt but with a good credit score could have a better liquidity index than one without debts.

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