Haaland dissatisfied: They force me

Halaand dissatisfied: They force me

Borussia Dortmund footballer Erling Haaland is unhappy with the relationship between the club’s leaders.

They are forcing him to decide which club he wants to play at as soon as possible after this season.

“For the past six months I didn’t want to talk about the future out of respect for the club, but the club started pressuring me to make a decision. I just want to play football, but they’re pressuring me to make a decision about my future now. That means I’ll have to decide soon,” Haaand said after the game with Freiburg.

He would have been a double shooter in that encounter, and then further explained the situation.

“I have to accept it. I don’t want that meeting, I just want to focus on football because that’s what I do best, not when other things are on my mind, but they’ve been putting pressure on me for a while. I wouldn’t want to make a decision right now because we’re in the middle of a tough time with a lot of games. I just want to play football, and right now I can’t do that,” Norwegian concluded.

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