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Gasperini: ‘We don’t have the same intensity and spirit’

Gian Piero Gasperini was dejected following Atalanta’s last-gasp draw with Salernitana and he expressed his frustration at the quality of officiating in Italy.

The Bergamo side barely managed to secure a point at home this evening against Davide Nicola’s side, relying on an 88th minute equaliser by Mario Pasalic. It was another disappointing result for Gasperini and his squad, who now seem destined to miss out on Europa League qualification this season.

Speaking to Sky Sports Italia after the draw with Salernitana, Gasperini first reacted to the performance.

“We are a team that is trying to give everything we have, we can’t blame them much for that. For the rest, though, we’re drained of spirit and that’s the thing I’m most sorry about, because we’ve always been strong in that regard.

“We’ve straightened out the game and we’re fighting until the end, but it’s clear that we don’t have the same spirit and intensity. Salernitana have goals, but even the last teams we’ve met have shown more than us.”

He touched on why the team have performed so poorly at home this season.

“Because we are sterile, we play to win but we concede avoidable goals at the first opportunity. We always have to chase, that’s one reason but there are others too.”

The Atalanta coach looked back at some poor officiating moments from this campaign.

“It has been a disaster this year, you have the pictures and you can see it. Then comes the Spezia episode, a fuss comes out but I haven’t spoken about it for months.

“I’m glad the club did it, but what happened is absolutely serious. The episodes are all there, if you want you can see them.”

Gasperini discussed if a new cycle would begin with him at the helm next season.

“In the meantime, it is clear that in this return there was a feeling that time was passing. So many players have left, it is difficult for Atalanta to remain at a high level for so long. In six years we have made €150 million in…


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