Dembélé goes his own way, Barcelona in checkmate position!

Dembélé goes his own way, Barcelona in checkmate position!

A Frenchman shows what he’s like day after day.

French footballer Ousman Dembele has refused to leave Barcelona in the winter transfer window, wanting to stay until the end of the season, when his contract expires.

The winger turned down a new contract at the end of the year demanding cheeky high terms, but he doesn’t want to leave Camp Nou this winter either.

Barcelona are not in favour of paying and holding a footballer they will certainly not count on next season, so all it has to do is either put up with it or offer him a contract that would satisfy him.

Given barcelona’s unenviable financial situation, which is best reflected in the salary that Gerard Pique has publicly shared, it is clear that Dembele neither deserves nor will receive the requested contract.

Let’s remember, today we also relayed the words of his agent, Moussa Sissoko, that sufficiently testify to the torment Dembele is causing Barcelona.

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