Antonio Conte is furious at UEFA’s decision

Antonio Conte is furious at UEFA's decision

Italian expert Antonio Conte is furious at UEFA’s decision to have the Roosters kicked out of the Conference League.

The storm has risen following UEFA’s decision to remove Tottenham from the Conference League. The London club were unable to play the last match of the group stage, so the European Football Association kicked the English team out of the competition.
The decision meant vitesse, not an English club, would continue to compete in the knockout stages, and now Tottenham manager Antonio Conte has made the announcement.

Honestly, I can’t believe UEFA made that decision. That’s completely unfair. But this isn’t over yet, because there’s another step, and that’s the court. I’m sure we’ll take that step and we’ll win the contest because we deserve the opportunity to play in this competition. I don’t know why they made that decision, maybe it’s some private interests – Conte said.

The biggest impact on UEFA was with representatives of France’s Ren who came to London to play the match, but it was cancelled. Tottenham’s rival urging the game to take place and their pressure appears to have outweighed that.

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